The Iron Empress


Watch Free DramaComplete Episodes‘The Iron Empress’ is the granddaughter of Wang Gun, the first emperor of Goryeo. She has inherited her grandfather´s vision as well as his Great Spirit. The empress fights against the enemies trying to collapse Goryeo, and called as ‘The Iron Empress’ who gets rid of her brother, son, and even her lover, for the good of the empire. During the Goryeo period, women had the firm statue and their power was high as that of men. Introducing the legendary heroine, ‘The Iron Empress’ would bring hopes and dreams to the women living in this era.

Main Casts

Chae Si Ra as Empress Chun Chu

Kim So Eun as young Hwang Bo Soo / Chun Chu
Kim Suk Hoon as Kim Chi Yang
Choi Jae Sung as Kang Jo
Lee Duk Hwa as General Kang Kam Chan
Park Ji Bin as Wang Song / Prince Gae Ryeong

Other Information

  • Title: 천추태후 (千秋太后) / Cheon Chu Taehu
  • Also known as: The Iron Empress / Empress Chun Choo
  • Genre: Historical
  • Episodes: 80
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Jan-03 to 2009
  • Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:30





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4 thoughts on “The Iron Empress”

  1. My race is Black, but for so long i have ask myself, why we as Black people here in America have not taken serious notice to other cultures such as the Asian culture have produced many wonderful arts of many various types, such as the world as never known & yet our association with other races & cultures are so entremely limitted.
    We as Blacks though there have been many great acheivements but they have only been on a indivisual basis
    ”Yet however the Asia people carry there many diversed cultures along with them in history. I being of the Black race, am somewhat ashame & angry with my people for giving up the respect we once had for our race & our people . Our women seem to only want that one thing that has become vital to them…. Long hair & long make beleive fingernails I, CAN APPLAUD the Asia people for holding fast too your culture & your wonderful contribution to it’s ”History”………….

  2. I live in New York but love The Iron Empress story. Doesn’t matter the language the story is the thing to follow. Thanks for the english subtitles. Can’t get enough of The Iron Empress.

  3. i love the iron empress so much, i can’t wait for the next episodes. even though i live all the way in the caribbean, i’ve always loved asian culture, this is an exceptional drama, thank you for the subtitles.

    one love from jamaica

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